I have been to many massage therapists and body workers over 35 years. I heartily recommend Matt Gleicher as a superb therapist. He not only is well trained in standard massage therapy, but he goes much beyond. His knowledge in craniosacral is excellent, as well as having a fine touch in working with muscles. He pays attention and is tuned into the patient's needs. You are in very good hands.
Dr.Shmuel Lux
I started going to Matt when the pain of my fibromyalgia made life unbearable. With only one treatment I walked out 70% pain-free and the next day I felt even better. I can't explain how cranio-sacral therapy works, but it does work, and instantly. Matt is a sensitive, gifted therapist who gives 100%. He not only listens, he hears and responds to my situation. I send all my students and friends to him and he's helped them all.
Sara-Rivka Yekutiel
Matt is one of the finest body workers who I have encountered, personally and professionally. His treatments are both deep and gentle. Matt is a person of great integrity, and treats all of his clients with deep respect. The best reccomendation I can give of Matt is that when I need a massage, I call him!
Dr. Simcha Shapiro
Hospice Home Care Physician at Sabar
Hi Matt,Thanks again for the great treatments during our stay in Jerusalem. You did a great job with my initial problems in the shoulder. You directly found the spot where the pain came from and made it disappear. Your weekly treatment kept me in good shape. Your knowledge about the functioning of the body is amazing and your decisive way of approaching the problems gave me confidence they would go away. Didn’t find a massage therapist that can do the same in Amsterdam...
Matt has the unique ability to create a safe ,healing space for his client. His treatments are grounded in structure and anatomy with great techniques,at the same time touch the heart and soul of the client. Matt is certainly one of the top up and coming therapists in the world today.
Shmuel Berger, PT
Director, CHI- Cranial Health Institute
Hi Matt, Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. Your treatment last week successfully released the neck and the back, and it seems to have freed my voice and restored my range. Our performance of Mendelssohn and negro spirituals last night (with a reduced choir) was much the better for it!
Matt Gleicher is my "man" in Jerusalem. Coming from California where great massage therapists are a dime a dozen, it is always a joy to be able to find the same quality in the Ir Ha Kodesh during our semi-annual visits. He has a gentle, but firm touch and always seems to hit the right spots in the right way, and leave me with a soothed, and relaxed demeanor. I highly recommend him for a quality massage at an affordable price

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