Alleviate Chronic Pain

Discover the underlying source of pain by exploring the body’s depths. Increase the body’s blood circulation while decreasing muscle tension.
When we experience a soothing alternative to pain, our cells are less capable of sending pain signals to the brain, ‘closing the gate’ to more pain. Plus, reducing inflammation and stress on muscles can help heal and prevent ongoing stress on muscles and joints.

Relieve Anxiety and Stress

Release the tension caused by trauma from below the surface. Relax into a therapeutic experience that soothes overworked muscles and floods the body with endorphins and ‘feelgood’ hormones. We work to identify embedded trauma in the body that contributes to ongoing stress and release it in the process.

Release Behavioral Patterns

Explore the body’s mysteries. Move through what is stuck or trapped. Awaken the wisdom of the body by releasing forgotten life memories, experiences and traumas implanted deep within muscle and tissue. Movement, massage and imagery work together to create embodied trauma healing.

Reset, Renew and Energize

Find balance and restore your body’s natural strength and power. Give your own internal system a chance to recalibrate, readjust and find the internal balance that sends stress-reducing hormones and pain-free nerve signals to the brain.

Activate Your Own Healing

Tap into the body’s innate wisdom. Let go of the embodied trauma that blocks your own energy flow. A combination of gentle touch and guided conversation or imagery helps activate the body’s own process for eliminating unwanted tension, stress and embodied memory. Become an active participant in your healing process by working in tandem with mind, body and spirit.

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20+ Years Experience Integrating Body with Mind & Spirit