Listening with an open heart

release pain and strain

I learned something very interesting during a treatment a few weeks ago that I want to share with you because I think it’s practical and applicable to many aspects of life and relationship – how to release pain and strain.

I was in the middle of a very light and gentle technique, which was very focused on releasing certain anatomical restrictions. My intention was very focused and what I originally thought was non-intrusive to my client. I had the feeling to let go of this focused intention and to just expand my perception and form awareness to the whole room and even beyond.
In other words, instead of focusing on what was going wrong with my client and “releasing” those restrictions, to just sit back and hold an open expanded space with no specific intention but to listen with an open heart.

After several very quiet and still minutes, my client reported that he had gone from “non-important” sporadic thoughts to “important” and core thoughts and feelings that had been very difficult to stay with before. As soon as I got out of the way, he was able to go to a much deeper, significant and resourceful place inside.
A lot of times we just try too hard. Our really good intention to help people turns into disempowering them or is just not helpful, because we know better and we have the answers.

We all do it and believe me, as a therapist, I really want to help people release pain and strain but sometimes stepping back and listening makes all the difference in the world for the other person.

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