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Heal relax and de stress

Happy New Years 2014 and also a happy Tu b’ Shvat – New Years of the Trees in the Jewish calendar. This past week was 11 years since I moved to Israel and it blows my mind how fast time has gone by and also how much has happened in these past 11 years.
The whole purpose of my massage practice is to help people to heal, relax and de-stress in this fast paced , high-tech modern world in order to really connect to deeper places within themselves and with others.

We are all constantly looking to the outside to find answers and solutions to fill what we believe is lacking. But we also have such a deep and powerful well of information within ourselves that is easier than we think to connect with.
There’s a certain magic that a healthy intentioned touch can create that seems to make it so much easier and quicker to turn inwards. It’s that magic that has transformed my world and I believe can transform the whole world to a much deeper, natural and better place.

Touch is so physical and grounding and yet has the power to facilitate the most spiritual experiences. In other words, touching is a physical “skin to skin” contact that almost always forces us to feel our bodies. And at the same time that grounding can be a powerful and personal catalyst for deeper emotional and spiritual experiences. Our bodies are the gates to deeper parts of ourselves.
Learning to receive and give are equally important and that’s why this year, along with providing treatments, I am really looking forward to sharing with as many people as possible the skill of Intentioned Touch and basic massage into their lives and relationships.
There’s a link below to two videos that I’ve posted before. They are simple and effective techniques to help with headaches and tension in the neck as well as TMJ tension. Check them out, try out the techniques on a friend, family, loved one or some random person. Let me know how it goes!!

Heal, relax and de-stress,

Stay well, be healthy and Happy New Years,

Matt Gleicher, CST

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